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Air Filter Service Insights


Many businesses opt to outsource air filter change-out services to companies that specialize in that field while others choose to deploy internal staff to handle the work. While both can be effective depending on the circumstances, a few factors should be weighed when making that decision. Those factors include resources, expenses, experience, accountability, safety and quality control. Below we look into each factor individually, but to truly assess the best solution for your facility, one must consider them collectively.


For those that choose to handle air filter servicing with their own personnel, an internal cost for performing the job should be applied. Time away from the regular work an employee would otherwise be conducting must be weighed. Determining what work is being put off for the filter change-out, and the value that would otherwise bring to the business, is critical.


With any service comes an associated cost. If a regular service maintenance fee will uncomfortably tighten cash flow, it might be best to handle servicing internally. But if one can withstand the relatively small, short-term expense of outsourcing air filter servicing to a professional that will reduce energy and HVAC repair costs longer term, it can be a wise investment.


A well-trained and experienced air filter technician understands the importance of properly pairing the appropriately sized filter with the HVAC filter track to eliminate gaps that allow unwanted dirty air into the HVAC unit. In addition, an experienced air filter technician is trained to assess the current status of the HVAC unit and anticipate impending problems during regular filter change-out appointments. From irregular noises emanating from the HVAC engine to leaking oil, there are signs that if properly detected early can save HVAC downtime and larger repair costs later.


Companies that rely on their employees for filter change-out service often run the risk of the task never being completed. If other “higher priority” work begins to mount, it’s likely the lower priority tasks will take a backseat. Once this complacency sets in, it’s difficult to re-establish a sense of importance for filter servicing. This invariably leads to dirtier filters, and ultimately, higher energy costs, dirtier air and increased HVAC maintenance costs. When companies outsource the work with a professional, they can rest assured the service is being handled regardless of how busy things get.


HVAC rooftop units can be dangerous for employees to navigate. Leave the climbing to professional technicians who are fully insured and versed in safety precautions to mitigate risk and potential workers compensation claims.

Quality Control

For larger buildings and companies with multiple facilities, professional technicians should always assess the HVAC units and conduct an energy audit before specifying or applying a filter. By understanding what goals the company has (better indoor air quality or lower energy bills), one can provide the appropriate type of filter and a tailored filter change-out schedule to meet those goals. With an independent, third-party contractor, there is less risk of inadvertently purchasing and applying filters that aren’t specified for optimal HVAC performance and lower energy costs. See if Hyland Filter Service is right for your filter service needs through our free energy audit.

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